Grade Two

Welcome to our Grade 2 learners. We have a busy but exciting year ahead of us. The teachers in Grade 2 for 2013 are:

2A     Mrs Kleyn (Grade Leader)

mrs klein.jpg                            

2B     Mrs Picot

page duarte.jpg 

2C     Mrs Cook (HOD)           Miss Romersa (Learnership)

mrs cook.jpg                       romersa.jpg              

2D     Mrs Maluleke

mrs maluleka.jpg

2E     Mrs Lavin

mrs lavin.jpg

We encourage our parents to work closely with their child and their teacher.  Oversee homework and help them with relevant researched.

This year we are doing a presentation on Changes in Technology of Communication.  This is a perfect opportunity for your child to do research.   We welcome any information on the subject.

We have many opportunities for your child to participate in extra - curricular activities and hope your child chooses at least one extra mural.

We have an open door policy and welcome contact with parents.  However, please remember to schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher, as we are not able to leave our classes during teaching time for interviews.

Please keep appointments and attend meeting you are invited to.  Help us to help you have a wonderful year with your child.

Four of our five Grade 2 classes are located in the Eco centre.  This is a tranquil environment and your child has the opportunity to experience learning about how vegetables grow.  Your child will also experience gardening first hand.



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