At Norkem Park Primary School we aim to give our pupils a positive attitude towards Mathematics.


In order to achieve this we help out pupils to develop personal creativity and problem-solving capabilities. We develop their ability to understand, interpret, read, speak and write Mathematical language.

Luckily our school has many good mathematics educators who are more than willing to help the learners acquire the much needed Math skills.

It is also very important to note that a few golden rules from days gone by are not forgotten:

  • Negative attitudes towards Math must not be permitted. (Adults and pupils)
  • Times-tables must still be drilled.
  • Love for Math must be encouraged.

Mathematical skills are formed and developed by doing math and seeing success by reaching set goals.

Life without basic mathematic skills is almost impossible.


When we evaluate our pupils, our primary purpose is to establish whether our pupils have gained insight into a specific topic. When problems occur – corrective teaching is done.


We recognise the diversity and differences in the learning abilities of the pupils in our School. For those pupils who master the basic work immediately, more challenging and interesting work is given. The weaker pupils are kept to the basic work until they have mastered it by assistance, repetition and drill.

We are striving to make our pupils active Mathematical thinkers!



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