The History of Norkem Park Primary School

A dramatic growth in Kempton Park necessitated a new English primary school. On 7 January 1974, the doors of Norkem Park Primary School were opened to pupils. They were housed in prefabricated buildings at Kempton Park Primary School.

Keith Ablett, with a staff of 9 teachers, assumed duty (and was to be at the helm of the School for 17 years).

Two hundred and sixty pupils enrolled, ranging from Grade 1 to Standard 2 – the senior class at that stage. For the first three months, there was no official uniform! Growth in pupil enrolment was phenomenal. By the end of its second year, the School had an enrolment of 593 pupils and was relocated to another "interim" building on 7 January 1976. (This site is now "Laerskool Kruinsig" in Fiskaal Street, Glen Marais.) The School was subsequently awarded P1 status. Facilities were menial – on one occasion a bus transporting pupils stuck in the mud and staff had to transport pupils to the school building. There was no electricity and staff interviews had to be conducted by candlelight until power was provided. Delays in the planning and construction occurred due to budget constraints (what’s new?). They were downgraded from a project school to a traditional school, resulting in much disappointment. Nevertheless, on 11 August 1977, amidst much excitement, staff and pupils reported to the new official school building situated in James Wright Avenue, Norkem Park.


This residential area was very much in the development stage, and the school building was a prominent feature. The 360° view from the third floor was quite spectacular! Of course, this has since changed with urban development in the area.

On 4 November, after much preparation, the School was officially opened by Professor J Jooste. Through fund-raising, enthusiasm, and generosity of parents and dedication of staff, equipment was acquired and facilities established – the School flourished! Tenth School Day enrolment of 1978 recorded 876 pupils.

The Eighties witnessed a variety of fund-raising activities in order to build netball and tennis courts, as well as soccer fields. Of course, the Media Centre was also a priority. Due to the conscientious efforts of everyone concerned, the School had a well-established foundation. Pupil numbers stabilised around the 850 enrolment figure. Teachers and pupils alike worked hard to achieve academic, cultural and sporting excellence. The netball and soccer teams were forces to be reckoned with! Traditions had been established.

The Nineties heralded winds of change. In 1991, the Parent-Body voted overwhelmingly in favour of Model C status for the school (92% poll – 90% voted in favour). Keith Ablett, the first headmaster, resigned his service at the end of 1991, to be succeeded by John Clark, formerly of Farramere Primary School.

A shortage of finances is nothing new to educational institutions, contrary to popular opinion! The School approached big business for sponsorship. After much negotiation, the School was sponsored by a pharmaceutical company to establish a pre-school. This centre was officially opened in 1993 and continues to function effectively by providing a foundation for our very junior pupils.

The School has weathered the many influences recently implicated by constitutional change. Thankfully, due to a dedicated Governing Body and staff, along with careful management, the School continues to flourish. Our current staff consists of approximately 45 teachers and over 1000 pupils.

In 2009 we introduced a new School Blazer.


Below are lists of our past Achievers



1980 H Graham

1981 T Smook

1982 L Esterhuizen; D Hough

1983 R Rall; S Martins

1984 C Furner; K Fone

1985 M Louw; R Greybe

1986 J Fritelli & S Taylor; M Rule & P Pitout

1987 M Di Bucci; C Lundie

1988 A Swart; K Whale

1989 A Strauss; C Grobler & J Martin

1990 W v d Westhuizen; T Rule

1991 C Carrington; K Frew

1992 C Carrington; C Clayton & T Parpottas

1993 S Ferreira; K Wilcocks

1994 C Hearney; C Reed & S Mitchell

1995 A Gray; D Kock

1996 M Windisch; T Rohan

1997 C Kotzee; J Mhlaba

1998 N Jacobs; P Kgohloane

1999 G Ralph; S Malesa

2000 M Goldstone; M Tshabalala

2001 T Mabanna; L Mathumba

2002 A Makubalo; B Khoele

2003 N Tshabalala; S Kaseu

2004 A. Bamuza; P. Mashigo

2005 A. Maja; A. Lewis

2006 K. Makubalo; K Dire

2007 F. Sibiya; I. Ngobeni

2008 L. Selatela; Y. Valashiya

2009 P. Mogudi: P. Masalane

2010 K Tessner     M Dire

2011 L Sidumo      J Ramphele

2012 B Mtshemla    K Rheeder



1977 K Heath; T Watts

1978 W De Klerk; D Fasold

1979 A Vines; A Lubbe

1980 D Dreyer; G Elliot-Wilson

1981 D Dobson; B Lochau

1982 H Zdara; B Botten

1983 R Rall; S Martins

1984 S De Waal; L Philips & B Lehman

1985 R Lehman; L Fourie

1986 M Duff; E Graber

1987 W Van Zyl; M Van Zyl

1988 R Kaufholz; V Lousley

1989 M Bradshaw; C Grobler

1990 T Wilcocks; E Bradshaw

1991 G Dugtig; S Van Zyl

1992 F Capcan; N Hattam

1993 D Lodr K; Wilcocks

1994 D Wilkins; J Spain

1995 P Soundy; J Weitz

1996 B Lutz; N Dickensen & M Hattam

1997 J Cape; K Capcan

1998 M Coote; M Kotzee

1999 B Smith; B Shand

2000 R Van Zyl; C Groom

2001 D Laing; Z Nkwanyna

2002 J Colyn; C Swan

2003 M van Goethem; K Savig

2004 K Mathabathe ; K Wyer

2005 C. Nitzshe; K. Smith

2006 F. Sibiya; F. Mukwevho

2007 S. Heighton; K. Kunniah

2008 S. Naidoo; S. Scheepers

2009 A. Scheepers: B. Matiwane

2010 V Mbete        S Thomas

2011 T Mwanza      R Rametsi

2012 M Cockbain    K Hlapane




1977 M Wilkinson; L Blackie

1978 W De Klerk; J Parker

1979 C McLeod; S Hendry

1980 D Dreyer; G Goslin

1981 C Bodenstab; A Haarhof

1982 W Bodenstab; B Botten

1983 R Rall; N De Waal

1984 G Kleinhans; W Phillips

1985 H Punnel; C Downie

1986 M Duff T; Koegelberg

1987 W Van Zyl; M Van Zyl

1988 R Kaufholz; S Courtney

1989 M Bradshaw; C Grobler

1990 T Wilcocks; E Bradshaw

1991 G Dugtig; S Van Zyl

1992 K Arnold; N Hattam

1993 N Roberts; K Wilcocks

1994 T Falchi; P Kleingunther

1995 A Gray; J A Weitz

1996 D Bezuidenhout; M Hattam

1997 J Cape; J Botha

1998 S Fester; N Alfonso

1999 B Smith; C Strydom

2000 M Gilmer; C Coote

2001 G Van Gent; Z Nkwanyana

2002 C Rademan; C Swan

2003 J Picot; C Bellamy

2004 K Mathabane; P Mashigo

2005 V Senekal; L Nobanda

2006 M. Burns; R. Monakali

2007 K. Forman; T. Ngwenya

2008 J. Malgas: G. Klassen

2009 A. Scheepers: B. Matiwane

2010 K Tessner: N. Hadebe

2011 T Maharaj    K Pickl

2012 K Selebi      K Hlapane

2013 M Xundu     A Mahlangu




2000 R Van Zyl & J Visser; R Gass & N Harwood

2001 B Harris & P Lombard; I Bouzov and T Wyer

2002 E Schreuder & J Colyn; M Motsoaledi & A Wentzel

2003 A Mashala, D Smith; A Coote, B Thaver

2004 A Bamuza, M McMahon; J Robinson, K Wyer

2005 E Jackson, M Motsoaledi; R Makena, K Smith

2006 S. Buchner, F.Sibiya; R. Mashala, F. Mukwevho

2007 S. Heighton, K. Young; L. Moonsamy, K. Moonsamy

2008 J. Kerr, R. Mphirime; N. Moodley, S. Scheepers

2009 P. Makgoe, J. Peterse; A. Mabasa, T. Bukhali

2010 K. Makenete, V. Makhombothi; M. Masela, H. Mahlaela

2011  T Gass, L Mac Kay    B Ngobese, R Rametisi

2012 Y Mabonga, T Naidoo    S Maree, N Mtshali

2013 L Matlhatse, K Ramokoka M Molepo, D Phekun



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