NOTICE TO PARENTS - focussed homework

18 May 2016

Dear Parents

A good deal of research has been done on whether there are benefits to learners of doing full scale homework every afternoon or not.

The latest research shows that it is more beneficial for learners to spend less time on homework and rather have their attention on focussed homework.

As a pilot project, we shall with immediate effect make the following changes regarding homework:

Foundation Phase - Grades 1, 2 and 3

Focussed homework will consist of:

  • phonics
  • sight words
  • reading
  • support work (where required)

Intersen Phase - Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7

Focussed homework will consist of:

  • reading
  • studying for tests and exams
  • preparation of presentations e.g. speeches, debates etc
  • revising the day’s work
  • support work (where required)

At times, other homework may be prescribed, but this will be the exception rather than the norm.

With these changes, teachers won’t have to spend 10 – 15 minutes of every lesson checking homework as well as setting/explaining homework.  This will free teachers to spend more time actually teaching concepts, negating the need for learners to complete additional work at home.  Parents will still need to be supportive of academic work, but with the changes, there will be less pressure for parents in the few short hours from their arrival home from work until bedtime, where they need to deal with many stressful homework issues.  Research has shown that learners who complete only focussed homework are more motivated to do well at school and have a more fulfilled family life.

During the additional time available after focussed homework has been completed, learners should spend more time engaging in othervaluable activities.  The time should not be swapped for a ‘screen’ activity such as watching TV, playing on computers or Tablets.  More time will be available for positive family activities including reading (a core, essential activity), exercise, taking up a hobby, play activities etc.

We look forward to improved marks and better motivated learners.  Learners should engage in focussed homework positively and use their spare time wisely.

Yours sincerely




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